Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope

This month might start off quietly for Sagittarius natives, but many new opportunities could come in by the end of the month. November 4 is the new moon in Scorpio, and you might miss an important meeting when someone forgets to send you the video link. Try not to take this personally. You have a lot of hidden energy at this time. This is perfect for working behind the scenes, but if you want credit for something, you’ll have to jump up and down to get noticed.

There’s a lunar eclipse on the nineteenth, and someone might be willing to take you by the hand to show you how to get ahead in business. This could be a friend of a friend. Sagittarius, if this person comes with good references, grab this opportunity.

The sun enters your sign on November 21, and now you have about a month of seed-planting energy. The more new things you do and the more people you meet, the more opportunities you will attract over the next twelve months. This is your time to launch your business or side hustle or talk to the boss about moving up in the company.

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