Virgo Monthly Career Horoscope

Virgo natives, don't be afraid to negotiate for what you want. November 4 is the new moon in Scorpio, and the contract you’ve been waiting for could arrive. If you see it’s going to need some changes, get ready to roll up your sleeves and go line by line through this agreement. Take your time. The longer you wait, the more malleable and agreeable the other side will be.

There’s a lunar eclipse on the nineteenth, and it’s quite important that you guard your reputation. You’re generally very careful, but you’re also quite noticeable at this time. You want to make sure you’re not posting anything that could be misconstrued or cast the company in a poor light. Someone at the company could see your post and spread it around. Also, Virgo, be careful not to spill any company secrets when you’re out in the world.

The sun enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 21, and there are some opportunities around land or real estate over the next four weeks. Consider talking with family members to see if resources can be pooled to buy property. Or you might hear that an aunt or uncle already owns property and wants you to help them sell it.

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