Weekly Career Horoscope

November 28 – December 4: Faced with competition, do not rush to shamefully retreat. The career horoscope for the fourth week of November warns against rash decisions. Try to learn from what is happening. Study the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent to act with confidence.

If you skip a trip on official business at the beginning of the week, you might be wrong. Mercury in Aquarius gives the signs of the Air element an incentive to progress. A visit to a specialized unit will help improve your qualifications. As you gain new experience, you will become more professionally savvy.

Dedicate the middle of the week to your cravings. The Sun in Sagittarius favors people with a strong-willed character. The weekly career horoscope reminds of the benefits of a hobby. Take care of what your soul lies in: modeling, drawing, oratory. Perhaps, over time, it will turn out to monetize your favorite business.

Those planning to change jobs will spend the weekend in doubt. In the phase of the waxing gibbous Moon, one should not mindlessly waste energy. If there is a feeling that you are out of place, decide to change. You can safely quit, new options will not keep you waiting long: you will find your dream job.

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