Weekly Career Horoscope

January 24-30: Avoid idleness, be as collected as possible. The career horoscope for the fourth week of January calls for responsibility and prudence. The time for rest has passed, and carelessness is unacceptable. While there is always a way to escape, try to express your position in a streamlined manner.

By taking care of your appearance in the first days of the week, you will do the right thing and forward-thinking. Mercury in the sign of Scorpio gives a psychologist’s mind and a keen intellect. Look at yourself with a fresh eye to answer the question: how does your image fit the position you hold. Change your image urgently.

Feeling a lack of energy in the middle of the week, do not rush to take sick leave. The Sun in the sign of Aquarius provokes light frenzy. Instead of looking for signs of a non-existent disease, the weekly career horoscope advises you to remember about proper nutrition and good sleep.

Don’t do anything at the end of the week to increase your risk of financial loss. During the waning crescent Moon period, people are surrounded by many temptations that should be refrained from. Do not engage in investment activities, do not deal with loans. It is unlikely that you will make the right decisions: expect losses.

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