Aquarius Weekly Career Horoscope

December 5-11: Try to avoid chaos and confusion in business. In the first week of December, the career horoscope recommends listening to the opinion of experienced people. If you don’t trust yourself, are afraid to make a mistake, rely on someone else’s experience. It is unlikely that your chaotic actions will give a positive result.

Perhaps Aquarius should learn a lot from partners: the week will start with useful communication. With Mercury in the sign of Taurus, there is a slowdown in reactions and thinking. If you are not coping with your part of the work, do not hush up the problem, ask your companions to shift the delivery time.

The middle of the week is not conducive to activity, but you should not be inactive either. With the Sun in Sagittarius, people are overwhelmed with enthusiasm. The weekly career horoscope for Aquarius assures: improving in your hobby, you will be able to create a demanded product. As a result: a new level of earnings.

On weekends, Aquarius will be more fortunate, whose activities are related to communication and creativity. In the waning gibbous Moon phase, everything is decided by personal connections, the willingness to open up to opportunities. To get rid of excess energy, actively interact with colleagues, including those from out-of-town branches.

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