Cancer Weekly Career Horoscope

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August 2-8: Stubbornness is unlikely to be justified, do not try to insist on your own. In the first week of August, the career horoscope warns against selfishness and irascibility. In order not to appear in a stupid light, admit your mistakes. Don’t act like a moody kid, act like a pro.

Cancer’s professional life at the beginning of the week will be very turbulent. With Mercury in the sign of Gemini, the circle of interests expands noticeably. A career takeoff is not a sky-high dream, but an accessible reality. Choose the one that best suits your idea of the ideal job.

In the middle of the week, partners will support your ideas. When the Sun is in Leo, authority is won by deeds. The weekly career horoscope for Cancer notifies: cooperation with reliable companions will bring success. If you pay more attention to business development, you will receive generous credit of trust.

Cancers who are prone to mysticism will be fascinated by solving dreams on the weekend. The impact of the waning crescent Moon is manifested in increased excitability, impressionability, therefore, familiar things appear in a new light. Dreams of this period are considered prophetic, foreshadowing difficulties in business.

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