Cancer Weekly Career Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: Emotional influences can make the wrong decision. In the fourth week of June, the career horoscope foresees a series of events that can unsettle. However, the situation is fixable if you keep your composure. Seek support from others, do not be alone with your thoughts.

Having got into the maelstrom of events at the beginning of the week, Cancer will brilliantly solve all problems. Mercury in Cancer gives imaginative thinking and quick wits. If you feel that you lack professional knowledge, do not rush to write a letter of resignation. Take courses, take part in a seminar.

Don’t waste money in the middle of the week. The Sun in the sign of Cancer awakens sympathy for someone else’s misfortune. The weekly career horoscope for Cancer warns: provide financial assistance with caution. You can lose a large amount if you underestimate the risks. The money will not come back soon.

Closer to the weekend, Cancers realize that the time has come to put their thoughts in order. The waxing crescent Moon phase inspires inspiration and energy. If you have a favorite hobby, try turning it into a source of income. Writing, handicrafts, painting – any direction can be profitable.

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