Capricorn Weekly Career Horoscope

August 8-14: Get involved in networking. In the second week of August, the career horoscope foresees opportunities for expanding contacts. Try not to give out empty promises, think in advance how to implement your ideas. The slightest oversight can ruin your professional reputation.

The unexpected whims of Capricorn will not greatly affect the events of the first days of the week. With Mercury in Capricorn, the mind becomes especially sharp and flexible. If you decide to update your wardrobe, give preference to classic suits. Daring outfits will look out of place in the office.

The middle of the week is positive in terms of self-expression. The Sun in the sign of Leo gives a good start to the ideas accumulated earlier. If you doubt yourself, the weekly career horoscope for Capricorn is encouraging: a hobby is a source of inspiration. Creating another masterpiece, you will feel happy here and now.

The weekend of Capricorns employed in finance will be busy. In the waning gibbous Moon phase, the energy goes down, which is why people may find themselves in a difficult situation. Forget about risky steps, give up any financial transactions. Limit your spending to essential purchases.

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