Capricorn Weekly Career Horoscope

January 24-30: Concentrate on developing a new strategy. In the fourth week of January, the career horoscope advises not to dwell on previous achievements. If it is not yet possible to realize ambitious plans, soon everything will work out. It is important to understand in which direction it is worth developing.

Excessive criticism of Capricorn at the beginning of the week will not lead to anything good. Mercury in Scorpio inflames passions, makes you behave aggressively. Negotiations, meetings and just friendly meetings are in jeopardy. Your incontinence can result in significant losses.

By scheduling negotiations for the middle of the week, be prepared to fend off attacks from competitors. The Sun in Aquarius contributes to the emergence of controversial situations. The weekly career horoscope for Capricorn is encouraging: with the help of active brainstorming, you can achieve a breakthrough in any business, even in the most disastrous.

Financially, Capricorns have a hectic weekend ahead. The phase of the waning crescent Moon symbolizes completion, liberation from all problems. Remember that your decisions can be impulsive, try not to risk large sums of money. Otherwise, wallow in debt and credit.

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