Capricorn Weekly Career Horoscope

January 30 – February 5: Something interesting will happen in professional life. The career horoscope for the last week of January foresees a career change. At the beginning of February, new offers may arrive, contacts with former partners may be renewed. If you’re not ready to move forward, wait.

Most likely, nothing significant in the business life of Capricorn will happen in the first days of the week. With Mercury in Gemini, a person is quick-tempered beyond measure. Do the required amount of work without thinking far ahead. Hold your horses, there will still be time to prove yourself.

By scheduling negotiations for the middle of the week, be prepared to fend off attacks from competitors. The Sun in Aquarius contributes to the emergence of controversial situations. The weekly career horoscope for Capricorn is encouraging: with the help of active brainstorming, you can achieve a breakthrough in any business, even in the most disastrous.

By the weekend, the financial situation of Capricorns will noticeably improve. The waxing gibbous Moon phase favors people who know how to plan and count money. You can make any purchases, including expensive and status ones. Don’t be afraid to invest large sums, open deposits or borrow money.

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