Gemini Weekly Career Horoscope

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August 2-8: Don’t miss your chance to expand your sphere of influence. The career horoscope for the first week of August suggests that you will be in the right place at the right time. Do not be afraid to conquer new positions, actively demonstrate your skills. Everything related to the professional sphere will turn out well.

Having responded to the first offer that comes across, Gemini at the beginning of the week can miss a lot. When Mercury is in Gemini, there is a decrease in concentration. When buying real estate, be sure to check the purity of the transaction, do not get fooled by a tempting offer.

In addition to your usual duties in the middle of the week, you will have time to do a lot of useful things. With the Sun in Leo, nothing can shake self-confidence. The weekly career horoscope for Gemini assumes that your desire to go on a business trip will be financially rewarded.

By the end of the week, Gemini may get tired of the boss’s rhetoric. The waning crescent Moon reveals the problematic qualities of people, highlights their "dark" side. Be careful with the words, the boss may distort them or misunderstand them. Carried away by an argument, you can overstep the boundaries of what is permissible.

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