Gemini Weekly Career Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: Emotional influences can make the wrong decision. In the fourth week of June, the career horoscope foresees a series of events that can unsettle. However, the situation is fixable if you keep your composure. Seek support from others, do not be alone with your thoughts.

Gemini’s professional intuition in the first days of the week will be at its best. Mercury in Cancer enhances psychic abilities. By trusting your natural instinct, you will understand which areas of business will be the most profitable. By switching to something new in time, you will remain in the black.

In the middle of the week, clear the surrounding space of all that is unnecessary. With the Sun in Cancer, it is important to be persistent. If you are haunted by professional failures, the weekly career horoscope for Gemini suggests changing your image completely. Get rid of unfashionable things, get a new hairstyle.

On the weekend, Gemini will feel elated. The waxing crescent Moon phase carries tremendous energy, so the plans are being implemented successfully. Time is conducive to changes, rethinking priorities. To attract good luck, do charity work – everything done during this period will sprout well.

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