Gemini Weekly Career Horoscope

June 12-18: It is quite possible to achieve success if you decide on your future plans. In the second week of June, the career horoscope predicts a ton of career opportunities. However, difficulties and obstacles are not excluded, so you must develop a strategy for professional development.

Increased intuition will help Gemini start the week with profitable purchases. Mercury in Aries forms the discernment that allows you to see what is hidden from others. Thanks to your natural instinct, you will be able to understand which investments will turn out to be profitable and which ones should be discarded.

In the middle of the week, you must decide on the format of your studies if you want to make a brilliant career. The Sun in Gemini disposes to obtain versatile knowledge. The weekly career horoscope for Gemini hints at a new position. To do this, you must become the best in your field.

By the end of the week, Gemini may get tired of the boss’s rhetoric. The waning crescent Moon reveals the problematic qualities of people, highlights their "dark" side. Be careful with the words, the boss may distort them or misunderstand them. Carried away by an argument, you can overstep the boundaries of what is permissible.

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