Leo Weekly Career Horoscope

June 5-11: Take your time with the implementation of your plan, give yourself time to think. The career horoscope for the first week of June believes that you may encounter resistance or misunderstanding. Others may not yet be ready to accept what you are proposing. Do not insist, the situation will return to normal soon.

Leo is in danger: at the beginning of the week, reaching agreement with partners will not be easy. Mercury in Capricorn gives practical acumen. Take the leadership into your own hands and assign the companions a supportive role. Don’t forget to check the results of your collaboration.

After planning your home purchase, in the middle of the week, study all the offers on the real estate market. With the Sun in Gemini, people think positively. The weekly career horoscope for Leo states: you can profitably invest money in a new building. Don’t forget to apply for a tax refund.

Leos’ focus on work, even on weekends, is admirable. In the last quarter of the Moon, a person seeks to complete previously begun business. If you are not confident in your skills, do not delay the moment, sign up for courses urgently. New information during this period is especially well remembered.

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