Leo Weekly Career Horoscope

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August 2-8: Don’t miss your chance to expand your sphere of influence. The career horoscope for the first week of August suggests that you will be in the right place at the right time. Do not be afraid to conquer new positions, actively demonstrate your skills. Everything related to the professional sphere will turn out well.

Leo is unlikely to get rich at the very beginning of the week. Under the influence of Mercury in Gemini, the mind becomes more flexible and mobile. Don’t be afraid to tackle issues outside your competence, improvise on the go. If you are a good worker, expect a pay raise.

In the middle of the week, physical condition will allow you to play sports, act and create. When the Sun is in Leo, people do not see their limits. The weekly career horoscope for Leo reminds of the need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. So you will definitely be in good shape.

Whatever the preliminary plans for Leo, at the end of the week all working trips must be canceled. The waning crescent Moon negatively affects those on the road. Even on pain of being fired, don’t go on a business trip. Potential risks: minor accidents, problem companions, monetary losses.

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