Leo Weekly Career Horoscope

November 29 – December 5: When working with documents, try to be as careful as possible. In the last week of November, the career horoscope does not exclude unpleasant surprises. Even minor mistakes made in early December threaten to turn into big problems. Be careful, otherwise you will lose.

Leo will not be mistaken if in the first days of the week he supports his partner’s initiative. Mercury in Libra helps you make informed decisions. Demonstrate respect for your companion, express your interest in cooperation in every possible way. Business success is impossible without interaction with people.

With a successful midweek property purchase, you will build a solid foundation for your future well-being. With the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, there is a striving for the better, the weekly career horoscope for Leo suggests considering square meters as a profitable investment.

By the end of the week, Leos may come to the realization that their careers have stalled a little. The new Moon carries active energy, you just need to try to get things off the ground. Sign up for additional education courses: it will be easy for you to concentrate on learning.

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