Libra Weekly Career Horoscope

November 29 – December 5: The fighting mood will help to overcome any obstacles. The career horoscope for the fifth week of November believes that a little extreme will not hurt. Shake yourself up, in the first days of December, try to work with inspiration, with soul. Learn to see special meaning in every action you take.

All the ardor of Libra in the first days of the week will be aimed at creating an impeccable business image. Mercury in Libra awakens love for everything beautiful and graceful. Seek the advice of a professional stylist: your appearance should be in awe and admiration.

The middle of the week is good for risky financial events. The Sun in the sign of Sagittarius awakens the thirst for wealth. The weekly career horoscope for Libra states: your investment will pay off. Try your hand at business, attract investors. This is a good moment to grab the jackpot.

On the weekend, Libra should do the visualization of desires. On the new Moon, energy is unlikely to be enough for the instant implementation of ideas, but you can make plans. Imagine the result of your actions, be transported to a time when thoughts have already taken on a material form. Look for creative inspiration.

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