Pisces Weekly Career Horoscope

March 20-26: Getting promoted is easy if you are smart about it. The career horoscope for the third week of March gives a favorable forecast in terms of career growth. While a lot depends on luck, random events should not be discounted. Try to keep your finger on the pulse of life.

Pisces’ health at the beginning of the week may worsen slightly. Mercury in the sign of Pisces makes a person tender and vulnerable. Leave your work problems outside your doorstep. Try to create a supportive emotional background, for example, fumigate the room with lavender, bergamot or mint scents.

To advance your career, see a stylist midweek. With the Sun in Aries, any opinion is rejected, except for the professional one. The weekly career horoscope for Pisces reminds of the need to observe the dress code. With the help of a specialist, you can create the perfect business image.

Pisces planning to change jobs on the weekend should not do anything. The influence of the waxing crescent Moon is manifested in increased excitability and impressionability. Even if it is very difficult to be in the old position, do not quit. You run the risk of being unemployed for many months.

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