Sagittarius Weekly Career Horoscope

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August 2-8: Stubbornness is unlikely to be justified, do not try to insist on your own. In the first week of August, the career horoscope warns against selfishness and irascibility. In order not to appear in a stupid light, admit your mistakes. Don’t act like a moody kid, act like a pro.

Due to weakness in the first days of the week, Sagittarius will have to work with an eye to well-being. With Mercury in the sign of Gemini, it is difficult for a person to finish what he started. To tone up, start your morning with light exercise. Yoga, swimming, or jogging in the park are great.

By the middle of the week, you and your boss will have time to bore each other. The Sun in Leo is not conducive to goodness. If you think you deserve a promotion, the weekly career horoscope for Sagittarius warns: disappointment is inevitable. Attempts to clarify the situation may lead to dismissal.

Doubting Sagittarius at the end of the week will find support in the team. In the waning crescent Moon phase, it is necessary to complete everything that has been started: to forgive the offenders, to distribute debts. If you often conflict with coworkers, try to build relationships. Communicate with them as if in front of you are the closest people.

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