Sagittarius Weekly Career Horoscope

October 18-24: Do not delay solving problems, they are unlikely to resolve on their own. The career horoscope for the third week of October advises to direct all efforts to consolidate your position. Negotiate, communicate with colleagues – use all possible means so as not to be alone with difficulties.

Sagittarius at the beginning of the week will become the center of attraction for the team. Mercury in the sign of Aries gives charisma, the ability to manipulate people. To increase productivity, find an approach to each of your employees. Only in this case will you be able to build excellent teamwork.

Traps in the middle of the week are scattered all over the place, try to get around them. With the Sun in the sign of Libra, people are not disposed to fight, to defend their rights. The weekly career horoscope for Sagittarius advises to remain impartial. Even if the partners cut off the phone, do not respond to their calls.

On weekends, Sagittarius can calmly take care of their appearance. During the waning gibbous Moon, thoughts flow smoothly and unhurriedly. Consider how to make your look more attractive without going beyond the dress code. Change your hairstyle, hair color, buy elegant clothes and stylish accessories.

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