Scorpio Weekly Career Horoscope

January 24-30: Concentrate on developing a new strategy. In the fourth week of January, the career horoscope advises not to dwell on previous achievements. If it is not yet possible to realize ambitious plans, soon everything will work out. It is important to understand in which direction it is worth developing.

Scorpio in the first days of the week may think about switching to a remote work format. Mercury in the sign of Scorpio gives an inquiring mind, a thirst for self-expression. In order not to go anywhere, do not rush to notify your boss about your dismissal. Create a resume, send it to the firms you are interested in.

In the middle of the week, surround yourself with positive people. The Sun in Aquarius endows with sound judgment. The weekly career horoscope for Scorpio reminds of the benefits of companionship. Filling the space with positive emotions, you seem to gain wings.

At the end of the week, Scorpios will have only one task – not to fuss and not flicker. The waning crescent Moon period does not require active action, on the contrary, it is conducive to pacification. If you can’t get out of work, try to limit yourself to small matters. The prospects are too hazy.

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