Scorpio Weekly Career Horoscope

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August 2-8: Stubbornness is unlikely to be justified, do not try to insist on your own. In the first week of August, the career horoscope warns against selfishness and irascibility. In order not to appear in a stupid light, admit your mistakes. Don’t act like a moody kid, act like a pro.

The noble deeds committed by Scorpio in the first days of the week may be in vain. With Mercury in Gemini, it is difficult to fully comprehend what is happening. Colleagues can dump all their work on you. Please note that in case of failure, you will have to answer for their slovenliness.

If you make a mistake in the middle of the week, don’t blame others. The Sun in the sign of Leo awakens qualities such as arrogance and pride. The weekly career horoscope for Scorpio advises to collect as much information as possible about competitors. Do not consider yourself smarter than the rest, this information will be useful to you.

At the end of the week, Scorpios will have only one task – not to fuss and not flicker. The waning crescent Moon period does not require active action, on the contrary, it is conducive to pacification. If you can’t get out of work, try to limit yourself to small matters. The prospects are too hazy.

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