Scorpio Weekly Career Horoscope

January 30 – February 5: Something interesting will happen in professional life. The career horoscope for the last week of January foresees a career change. At the beginning of February, new offers may arrive, contacts with former partners may be renewed. If you’re not ready to move forward, wait.

Scorpio needs to be especially vigilant about money at the beginning of the week. With Mercury in Gemini, there is a rapid mood swings. Watch your wallet: scammers do not sleep. Having lost a large amount, you will be forced to go into debt, which will negatively affect the quality of life.

In the middle of the week, surround yourself with positive people. The Sun in Aquarius endows with sound judgment. The weekly career horoscope for Scorpio reminds of the benefits of companionship. Filling the space with positive emotions, you seem to gain wings.

The end of the week will untie the hands of Scorpios: there will be a gap in business. In the phase of the waxing gibbous Moon, energy is in full swing, you can make a qualitative leap in your development. This is a great period for business, signing contracts. Act without delay, expand production and open new branches.

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