Taurus Weekly Career Horoscope

January 30 – February 5: Professional success will please, although problems with colleagues are not excluded. In the fifth week of January, the career horoscope predicts some tension in the team. In order not to aggravate the situation, in the first days of February, you should not advertise your thoughts. Although it is possible, the fears are in vain.

Perhaps Taurus has something to think about at the beginning of the week. With Mercury in Gemini, there is a tendency to a sharp change in mood. Watch out for words, it may be difficult to fulfill the promise given in a hurry. Most likely, you will have to sweat to close all debts and obligations.

Taking a break in the middle of the week is the right thing to do. The Sun in the sign of Aquarius gets rid of prejudices and any restrictions. The weekly career horoscope for Taurus reminds of the benefits of relaxing procedures. To work with full dedication, relax properly in the SPA.

To their surprise, Taurus at the end of the week may feel an urgent need for communication. In the phase of the waxing gibbous Moon, a person strives for self-expression, feels a desire to share his knowledge with others. Chatting with colleagues in an informal setting will give you a lot of energy.

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