Taurus Weekly Career Horoscope

September 25 – October 1: Do not be burdened with routine, try to think positively. The career horoscope for the fourth week of September believes that career growth awaits you soon. Let now you have to pore over the details of the project, but the result will be wonderful. An impeccably performed job is a guarantee of success.

Taurus at the beginning of the week can get involved in an adventure. Mercury in Aquarius gives originality and recklessness. If you easily succumb to other people’s influence, know that a misconduct will entail a lot of problems. Do not listen to those who are not related to your professional activity.

Recreation in nature will help to get rid of nervous tension in the middle of the week. The Sun in the sign of Libra disposes to laziness. If you feel that you are at the limit of your strength, the weekly career horoscope for Taurus suggests taking a day off. A little laziness, fresh air – you are in perfect shape.

By the end of the week, Taurus may feel a strong desire for solitude. In the phase of the waning gibbous Moon, feelings are contradictory, quickly changing to the opposite. If you do not want to become a victim of corporate wars, keep contacts with colleagues to a minimum. Even a word dropped by accident can lead to conflict.

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