Virgo Weekly Career Horoscope

May 16-22: Direct your energy towards solving pressing problems. The career horoscope for the third week of May suggests not wasting time thinking. Life consists of little things, you need to keep everything under control. In this case, you should not give up ambition, you just need to wait for the right moment.

Virgo, engaged in real estate, will be snapped up in the first days of the week. Mercury in Sagittarius increases the speed of thinking. Real estate purchase and sale transactions will be successful. However, attention should not be relaxed for a minute. Errors in documents can lead to lengthy proceedings.

In the middle of the week, it is especially important to maintain inner balance. With the Sun in the sign of Taurus, any changes are perceived with hostility. The weekly career horoscope for Virgo foresees a slowdown in business life. Be prepared for the fact that previously reached agreements will have to be canceled.

By the end of the week, active Virgos will not lose their fighting enthusiasm. During the waning gibbous Moon, it is important to forgive those who have done evil in order to move on. By dedicating some of your time and energy to charity, you will free yourself from the burden of past grievances. Remember that good deeds cleanse the soul.

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