Virgo Weekly Career Horoscope

March 27 – April 2: Try not to lose control of the situation. In the fourth week of March, the career horoscope does not exclude unexpected twists and turns that can knock you out of a rut. Don’t panic, just keep going at your usual pace. If you do not risk unnecessarily, you will be able to do without losses.

The threat of a new competitor appearing at the beginning of the week will excite and even anger Virgo. With Mercury in Cancer, thoughts acquire solidity and depth. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard, let the enemy get as close as possible. Try to apply his successful developments in your work.

In the middle of the week, avoid the temptation to radically change your image. The Sun in Aries contributes to the development of perseverance and firmness. However, the weekly career horoscope for Virgo warns: chaos and ambiguity can provoke serious mistakes. Don’t shock the business community with your dress code.

Showing ease in communication with the boss, at the end of the week, Virgos can count on career growth. During the waxing gibbous Moon, motivated people feel at ease. Find an occasion to discuss some issues in an informal setting, your zeal will be marked by a boost.

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