Virgo Weekly Career Horoscope

September 26 – October 2: Do not be burdened with routine, try to think positively. The career horoscope for the fourth week of September believes that career growth awaits you soon. Let now you have to pore over the details of the project, but the result will be wonderful. An impeccably performed job is a guarantee of success.

Perhaps, the Virgo chief at the beginning of the week will not be able to command. Mercury in Libra promotes the manifestation of peacefulness. If you are annoyed by the slowness and lack of initiative of subordinates, maintain piety. Rudeness will provoke reciprocal aggression, try to become their friend.

In the middle of the week, take care of yourself so that you look calm in any situation. The Sun in Libra is responsible for aesthetic perception. The weekly career horoscope for Virgo advises you to bring your image to perfection. Visit a beauty salon, update your wardrobe to smite everyone on the spot.

Even on weekends, Virgos will not be indifferent to the problems of others. During the waxing crescent Moon phase, actions should be aimed at preserving and increasing. To remove negativity from your life, do charity work. Any help will do: collecting money and things, moral support.

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