Today Chinese Horoscope

Friday, December 2: The ancient sages believed that the Ox day is favorable for any hard work. On Friday, do not try to keep up everywhere at once, do not try to shift your responsibilities to others. The key to your success is iron discipline and hard work. In personal life, the Chinese horoscope for today does not see any obstacles on the way to your happiness. However, the energy of the Yin-Earth is so soft that it can deprive you of the ability to stand up for yourself. Even if you are completely confident in your partner, try to control his actions. If in the evening you feel unwell, turn to yourself: 10 lunar day is favorable for meditation. With an imbalance of the Earth, weakness and dizziness are observed, use the technique of conscious breathing. Do not indulge children’s whims, do not question your parental authority. The Chinese horoscope advises to adhere to the following rule: to pamper a child means to prepare him for death.

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