Dog Today Chinese Horoscope

Friday, December 9: The day, under the control of the Monkey sign, is filled with positive emotions. On Friday, all your actions are doomed to success. Do not be afraid to move on to adventurous ideas, be bold and original. However, do not forget: to any business you need a reasonable approach. If you suffer from unrequited love, cheer up. The bright flame of Yang-Fire inflame the passion in your couple. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today does not exclude a romantic date with all the ensuing consequences. Bravely confess your feelings. On the seventeenth lunar day, it is worth revising the diet. Fire deficiency causes bowel disease. To replenish energy, it is useful to use dairy products, vegetable leaves, nuts, and legumes. Carefully control your finances, there is a big risk of unforeseen expenses. If you are counting on a happy occasion, take the advice of the Chinese horoscope: do not hope for fate.

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