Dog Today Chinese Horoscope

Monday, November 29: Day of wisdom and contemplative attitude to everything happening. On Monday you can trust your intuition. According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, the Snake day helps to find peace of mind. Trust fate, go with the flow: all is for the better. You will probably have to completely update your wardrobe. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today offers you to change the image. The energy of Yin-Metal enhances the passion for all that is beautiful, arouses interest in fashionable novelties. Take a look at yourself in a new way. Before you eat at work, think about your health. The Horse hour requires a responsible approach to business, not the time to mess around. To supplement the necessary energy, include superfoods in the diet. Focus on self-improvement and finding yourself if you want to become a professional. Experience and knowledge will help to achieve unprecedented heights, the Chinese horoscope reminds: a master makes a long teaching.

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