Dog Today Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, May 30: The ancient sages believed that the Rat day could not bring serious trouble. Although on Tuesday there may be conflict situations due to your emotional incontinence. Try to extinguish the flame of indignation, trust in fate, follow the inner voice. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today offers to show some lightheadedness in heart matters. Think about changing the situation, if you can not establish a personal life. Yang-Earth energy is so stable and predictable that any changes will only benefit. On the eleventh lunar day, do sports without overvoltage. Excess Earth causes aches in the joints of the arms and legs. Do not train for wear, use the practice of grounding to restore balance. Keep calm when in doubt about your decision. A confident stance will do more good than messy fuss. According to the Chinese horoscope: flexible grass is submissive to the wind.

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