Dog Today Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, June 28: The ancient sages believed that the Rat day could not bring serious trouble. Although on Tuesday there may be conflict situations due to your emotional incontinence. Try to extinguish the flame of indignation, trust in fate, follow the inner voice. The Chinese horoscope for Dog today promises good luck in his personal life. Achieve reciprocity in love, no matter what. The element of Yang-Water gives so much power and energy that any vertices can be achieved. Be active and active, do not be afraid to persevere. Follow a plant-based diet to stay fit. The Dog hour pacifies, no need to make efforts on yourself. Follow the diet, diversify the diet with nuts and herbs. If you are not afraid to take risks and are ready to make sacrifices for your goals, consider all the consequences. The Chinese horoscope warns: in a moment of danger, rely only on yourself. Make decisions wisely.

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