Dragon Today Chinese Horoscope

Wednesday, October 4: According to the Chinese calendar, the Goat day is associated with feelings and emotions. On Wednesday, you can make not entirely logical decisions. Under all circumstances, keep cool: strong emotions are not the best advisers in business. Be calm and confident, do not rush the course of events. If you are experiencing difficulties in personal relationships, the Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today promises changes for the better. The energy of the Yin-Wood is so soft and benevolent that it disposes to pleasant communication. Allow yourself a bit of mischief, flirting and coquetry. Do not take lightly on health problems. Avoid any activity during the Ox hour, it is designed for rest and sleep. If you are unable to cope with anxiety, use relaxing practices. As for your professional activities, try not to advertise your success. The Chinese horoscope recalls: a good merchant hides his wealth and seems poor. Know how to keep secrets.

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