Dragon Today Chinese Horoscope

Sunday, February 5: Day, giving joy and a sense of freedom. According to the Chinese calendar, the Horse day is designed for large-scale business. On Sunday, give up unnecessary hassle and small worries, drive away disturbing thoughts. Feel free to follow your goals — and everything will turn out. It is a good time for the device privacy. If you are actively searching, Yang-Wood energy will help you gain confidence in your own attractiveness. The Chinese horoscope for Dragon today foreshadows the rapid development of love relationships. Do not get carried away with tonic drinks, especially in the evening. The Dog hour can lead to increased anxiety, and as a result, sleep disturbances. Ginger tea with honey brings great health benefits. Easily part with hypocrites and deceivers. If once faced with betrayal, the situation may recur over time. The Chinese horoscope reminds: a bright person does not do dark things.

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