Dragon Today Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, May 26: The Rabbit day has a soft energy, brings to mind moments from the past life. On Thursday, you can be captured by memories, forgetting all the important things. Now is not the time to revel in suffering, do not waste energy and strength on empty experiences. If you need a strong partner, be very frank. The element of the Yin-Earth increases the craving for the family hearth. Be gentle in communicating with the opposite sex. The Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today does not exclude a meeting with the second half. On the 26 lunar day, try not to overwork. With excess Earth, chest pain can bother you. Strength loads will lead to a weakening of the body, to replenish energy, do Sivananda Yoga. If you are unable to reconcile with the surrounding reality, take the advice of the Chinese horoscope: strong people have desires, and weak people have dreams. Everything in your life develops exactly as it should.

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