Dragon Today Chinese Horoscope

Monday, September 26: Traditionally, the Horse day is associated with a frivolous approach to business. Do not expect on Monday to increase revenue and the conclusion of lucrative contracts. Try to let go of the situation: you will definitely achieve success, but a little later. The impact of the elements of Yang-Water will help you achieve reciprocity in love. The Chinese horoscope for the Dragon today calls you for sincerity and frankness. Charm your loved one, do not leave him a single chance to resist you. On 1 lunar day, slight weakness may be observed. The imbalance of Water causes a feeling of fear and depression. Use the paradoxical intention technique to avoid emotional imbalance. Allow yourself to be yourself, the world will shine with new colors. If you fear unpleasant consequences, analyze the current state of affairs. The Chinese horoscope says: bare feet are not shod — they have nothing to fear.

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