Goat Today Chinese Horoscope

Friday, October 15: Traditionally, the Monkey day is associated with violent emotions, a burden to publicity. If you are planning to make a report or hold an important meeting, do it on Friday. You will be able to capture the attention of the public, boldly express your thoughts and ideas. If you seriously set out to take the place of the leader in the family, the Chinese horoscope for Goat today promises success in this field. The unrestrained energy of Yang-Fire sweeps away all the obstacles on the way. You will be able to approve your position, but do not forget about the interests of the rest of the family. Control your cholesterol, follow a sparing diet. The Horse hour is filled with vitality, the desire to change for the better. Refuse high-calorie foods, eat more red vegetables and fruits. A wide circle of acquaintances will help your professional development and career growth. According to the Chinese horoscope: teeth are cold without lips. Only by observing common interests can you strengthen your position.

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