Horse Today Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, June 10: Favorable time for reconciliation, the completion of conflicts. According to the Chinese calendar, the Pig day is characterized by a soulful atmosphere that favors candor. On Saturday, you can settle long-standing disputes, if you show patience, tact and restraint. Be prepared to compromise. The Chinese Horoscope for Horse today advises you to understand your feelings. The energy of the Yin-Earth is so soft and malleable that you can become a victim of manipulation. Do not trust strangers to your heart secrets. Remember, happiness loves silence. Instead of active sports, do oriental practices. The Dog hour reliably guards peace, you can not be afraid of a dirty trick. To increase stress resistance and relaxation, master the basic asanas of Hatha Yoga. Try to be as close to people as possible, try to put yourself in their place. Do not poison life with vain unrest, the Chinese horoscope warns: to offend the other is trouble, to forgive the other is happiness.

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