Horse Today Chinese Horoscope

Monday, November 29: Today you must be wise and patient as never before. The Snake day is conducive to making informed decisions. On Monday it’s better to be inactive than to commit rash acts. If you are not sure of yourself, take a short pause — things will wait. Ardent confessions of love await you. The magical, fascinating energy of Yin-Metal will help you to attract attention. The Chinese Horoscope for Horse today advises you to be fully prepared: make a beautiful haircut, think carefully about your outfit. To enhance health on a 25 lunar day, relaxing procedures are useful. Excess of Metal causes problems with bones and tendons. Visit the sauna, do a massage to relieve excess tension. Try to avoid direct confrontation, do not get involved in disputes with colleagues. If you consider yourself the ultimate truth, take the advice of the Chinese horoscope: the truth has many faces.

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