Horse Today Chinese Horoscope

Friday, December 9: The day, under the control of the Monkey sign, is filled with positive emotions. On Friday, all your actions are doomed to success. Do not be afraid to move on to adventurous ideas, be bold and original. However, do not forget: to any business you need a reasonable approach. The well-being of family relationships depends on your attitude. The unbridled energy of Yang-Fire contributes to the resolution of confused situations. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse for today calls you to magnanimity. If you make concessions, you will only win. On the 17th lunar day, it is useful to engage in health prevention. The element of Fire is associated with the small intestine, its imbalance leads to the appearance of ulcers in the oral cavity. Use Qigong gymnastics to stimulate energy. If you want to succeed in life, learn how to prioritize correctly. The Chinese horoscope claims: the cart will start — the bells will ring. Do not rush to draw fleeting conclusions, everything has its time.

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