Monkey Today Chinese Horoscope

Monday, June 5: Now is not the time to tempt fate. The Horse day may give hope for a better future, but too illusive to seriously expect success. Redeem your ambitions, spend Monday in a calm atmosphere — important things will wait. Family problems can interfere with your plans. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey today advises you to avoid pettiness and conceit in love. The impact of the Yang-Wood can lead to aggravation of family problems. Try to take into account the desire of the partner. The seventeenth lunar day is favorable for the prevention of eye diseases. An imbalance in the energy of the Wood can have a negative effect on the quality of vision. Gymnastics and palming will help maintain eye health. Do not believe all the attractive offers that promise huge profits. Dreams of quick enrichment can lead to losses, so the Chinese horoscope advises: do not pursue profit — you will not fall into the trap.

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