Monkey Today Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, January 25: If possible, refrain from criticizing people around you. On the Tiger day, there may be outbursts of anger and irritability. Moderate your ambitions, keep your tips with you. There are many worthy people around you who are able to handle the problems on their own. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey today does not exclude quarrels and misunderstandings in your pair. The energy of Yang-Earth can make your actions angular and awkward. Be prepared for explanations, make concessions or accept parting. In no case do not overcool, beware of colds. The Monkey hour can bring a lot of surprises, not always pleasant. Start taking vitamins and probiotics to strengthen your immune system. Do not put material achievements at the forefront; there are more important things in life. The Chinese horoscope claims: it’s easy to go over the bridge, it’s hard to move on one log. Gain knowledge, gain experience.

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