Monkey Today Chinese Horoscope

Monday, November 28: Now you can easily fulfill all your desires and dreams. The Rooster day loves winners, favors determined and fearless people. The more active you are, the more chances to win. However, do not ignore the advice of others: the majority opinion deserves attention. Flirt more and go on dates. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey today does not exclude romantic relationships. The soft energy of the Yin-Wood will help you to show your diplomatic talents. You can win the heart of anyone you wish. Try something new, expand your capabilities. The Snake hour is conducive to intellectual activity, but do not stay too long for books. Diversify your life, sign up for dancing, start to learn yoga. Do not limit your possibilities, strive to conquer new peaks. If you get down to business, do not look for ways to retreat. The Chinese horoscope claims: whoever sits on a tiger is hard to get off of.

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