Ox Today Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, May 17: Today, you probably will not be bored. The power of the Horse day is such that it is difficult to sit in one place. If on Tuesday you suddenly decide to completely change your life, take time to think. Do not be so frivolous about your future. In terms of personal relationships, the Chinese horoscope for Ox today advises you to adhere to a strict line of conduct. Yang-Metal energy will help you overcome your weaknesses. Even if the circumstances are not the best for you, keep yourself in hand. Do not test the body for strength, arrange yourself unloading. The perky energy of the Rooster hour arouses interest in life. Visit the sauna, spa treatments have anti-stress and wellness effects. Learn to admit your mistakes in order to move forward. If you consider this a vain effort, the Chinese horoscope recalls: one who, turning to the old, is able to discover new things, is worthy of being a teacher.

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