Pig Today Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, November 26: Traditionally, the Goat day is associated with flimsy and lightheadedness. On Saturday, you can get bogged down in your fantasies and dreams. It is too tempting to solve all their problems in one fell swoop. The only way to protect yourself from trouble is not to give in to feelings and emotions. Possible crisis of personal relationships. The momentary and frivolous impulses inherent in the Yin-Water element, can significantly complicate the situation. Chinese horoscope for Pig today advises to keep suspicions. Show will and character, do not let emotions prevail. Properly selected diet will help to establish digestion. The peace-loving energy of the Rabbit hour inspires confidence, I want to believe in the best. Eat fractionally, legumes and greens should be present in the diet. Act according to circumstances, not trying to outwit fate. The Chinese horoscope claims: the clouds will disperse — the sun will appear. Take life lightly, try to turn the tide in your favor.

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