Pig Today Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, March 23: The Dragon day is favorable for resolving any work related issues. On Thursday you will be able to complete the previously started projects, but be careful. One has only to relax a little, as a favorable moment will be irretrievably lost. If you dream of love, the Chinese horoscope for a pig today does not exclude a fateful meeting. There are enough contenders for life-mates around you. Yang-Metal energy will give your character hardness and perseverance. Be prepared to fight for your happiness. In the evening, take care of yourself: 3 lunar day strengthens procedures aimed at improving the skin. With an imbalance of the metal, skin allergies can occur. Steam baths will have a beneficial effect. Give loved ones love, they will answer you the same. According to the Chinese horoscope: a tree rests on a root, a person on a heart. Despite the differences, you can overcome difficulties in communication.

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