Pig Today Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, September 21: Not the most favorable time for action. According to the Chinese calendar, the Horse day favors an idle pastime. Devote Thursday to enjoyable activities, try to relax and collect your thoughts. Save power and energy for the future. The influence of the Yang-Water element will help to achieve reciprocity in love. Be gentle and helpful, but extremely persistent. Chinese horoscope for Pig today advises to take the first step, do not delay your happiness for later. You may miss the right moment. Devote your evening to hair care, on the 7th lunar day thermal procedures are especially useful. If there is a violation of the circulation of Water energy, hair loss is observed. Use hot oil wraps. Despite the difficulties and obstacles, constantly develop and improve. The Chinese horoscope reminds: if you have knowledge, then the whole world belongs to you. Take care of your future.

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