Rabbit Today Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, January 27: According to the Chinese calendar, the Dragon day is good for commerce and business negotiations. On Thursday you can hope to conclude lucrative deals, partners and competitors will gladly meet you. Just firmly follow your goals. Pay attention to your parents. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit today advises you to collect family council. The effect of Yang-Metal will add special weight and meaning to your words. You will be able to rally around all relatives if you show your leadership skills. If there are no contraindications, proceed to lose weight. The Horse hour is favorable for any initiatives, take care of the correction of your figure. Follow a carbohydrate-free diet with an emphasis on plant foods. The more you can offer people, the higher the value of the relationship. If you are not ready to give up your interests, take the advice of the Chinese horoscope: friendship built on profit is not lasting.

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