Rabbit Today Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, September 26: Today you can envy your positive attitude. According to the Chinese calendar, Pig day is designed for joy and relaxation. On Tuesday, you can not be sad, indulge in gloomy thoughts. If you can not cope with negative emotions, think about the reason for your dissatisfaction with life. If you cannot understand your partner, step back. The energy of Yin-Fire is able to awaken not the best qualities in you. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit advises today to temper his temper. Your impulsiveness can lead to significant problems. Do not succumb to apathy and depression, avoid mood swings. The Dog hour is good-natured and disinterested, concentrate on something pleasant. Drink chamomile tea to restore internal balance. If you need to go on a business trip, do not rush to refuse. The Chinese horoscope assures: the clever hare has three exits from the hole. Try to benefit from the trip.

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