Rat Today Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, May 17: According to the Chinese calendar, the Horse day promises unforeseen events. On Tuesday, you can not wait for the most pleasant surprises, but do not dwell on the negative points. Focus on the most important thing in your life — and be sure to succeed. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat today predicts difficulties in relationships. Under the influence of the Yang-Metal element, it will be difficult for you to find family well-being and mutual understanding. Do not chop off the shoulder, do not consider your opinion the only correct one. Do not overcool: 17 lunar day is dangerous for viral diseases. Violation of the circulation of metal energy provokes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. Practice jala neti to make breathing easier. If you encounter condemnation, do not let the critics ruin your life. It is impossible to please everyone around, so the Chinese horoscope advises: if you stand straight — do not worry that your shadow is crooked.

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