Rat Today Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, September 28: Anything related to the present day should not cause you a sense of anxiety and fear. According to the Chinese calendar, the Ox day promises a smooth flow of business. On Thursday, trouble will not have serious consequences if you refrain from rash actions. Possible crisis of personal relationships. Influenced by the Yin-Earth element, you can lose faith in their own attractiveness. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat today advises to drive all doubts away. You are in great shape, judging by the number of admirers. Diseases of the 14 lunar day are psychosomatic in nature. With the imbalance of the Earth appears fatigue, weight loss. To get rid of negative energy will help meditation 6 healing sounds. In moments of mental weakness, remain steadfast and calm. You can cause trouble by exaggerating your problems, so the Chinese horoscope warns: misfortune enters the door that was opened to him.

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