Rooster Today Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, June 8: Favorable time for summarizing the work done. The ancient sages believed that excitement and enthusiasm were characteristic of the Rooster day. On Thursday, you can clearly see what mistakes and mistakes make it difficult to succeed. Any difficulties can be overcome, you just have to believe in yourself. Personal life will delight you. Yin-Fire energy is too unstable to count on stability. At the same time it is able to awaken mischief in you. The Chinese horoscope for the Rooster advises today not to set super-tasks, just enjoy your personal happiness. On the twentieth lunar day, it is useful to care for the skin of the face. With the imbalance of Fire, problems arise with the work of the intestines. If you are concerned about skin rashes, use cleansing masks. A friendly attitude can greatly ease your position. If you do not want to be on the sidelines of life, learn to give in. The Chinese horoscope assures: make a concession to another — expand your path.

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