Rooster Today Chinese Horoscope

Monday, January 24: Today you are waiting for pleasant events, forget about everyday problems and troubles. The ancient sages believed that the Ox day was favorable to conscientious and responsible people. Take care of the planned activities on Monday and do not think about the bad. Personal life will delight you. Yin-Fire energy is too unstable to count on stability. At the same time it is able to awaken mischief in you. The Chinese horoscope for the Rooster advises today not to set super-tasks, just enjoy your personal happiness. Do not overexert your heart, give up intense stress in the pre-dinner time. The wisdom of the Snake hour will help you choose the appropriate mode of operation. To improve health, practice qigong gymnastics. Do not be upset if something does not work out right away. Try to treat everything rationally, the Chinese horoscope says: if you don’t go through business, you won’t become smarter. Mastery comes with experience.

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