Snake Today Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, October 28: Today you are determined only to win: the Rooster day promises success and prosperity in business. On Thursday, you should not lose sight of any little thing, only in this case, you can count on success. Reports, business letters, contracts — all this deserves the closest attention. Perhaps you should exercise more autonomy in your personal life. The influence of the Yin-Earth elements can make you dependent on someone else’s opinion. The Chinese horoscope for the Snake today does not exclude the complication of relations. Try not to interfere in the personal affairs of outsiders. Go on a diet that helps cleanse the body. The Rooster hour is fussy and arrogant, any innovations are accepted with a bang. Freshly squeezed beetroot juice improves digestion and rid the body of toxins. Strive tirelessly for excellence, do not indulge yourself. The Chinese horoscope warns: and a beautiful flower fades. Without constant work on yourself, you will not be able to achieve high results.

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