Snake Today Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, October 4: Today you have to decide on your preferences. The day under the auspices of the Tiger sign is good for active and decisive action. On Tuesday, imagine your future in the smallest detail, rest assured — you will succeed. As for your personal life, the Chinese horoscope for the Snake today calls for your patience and calm. The influence of the Yang-Metal element can increase your power over people. Do not lose control of the situation, do not harm your loved one. Make friends with sports to get rid of bad habits. The Pig hour does not tolerate risk and does not forgive liberties. Of the physical activities, it is preferable to do low-intensity exercises or yoga. If you are concerned about possible damage, try to protect yourself from financial losses. The Chinese horoscope warns: scold yourself, not the sun, because your garden has not bloomed. Seriously review your expenses.

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