Tiger Today Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, May 24: Favorable time for vigorous activity and initiative initiatives. According to the Chinese calendar, on the Ox day, such qualities as responsibility, perseverance and diligence are especially strong. It depends only on you in which direction the events will take place. Possible crisis of personal relationships. The energy of Yin-Fire does not dispose to seriousness and consistency. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today does not exclude outbursts of jealousy. Try to understand how much you value your partner and his good attitude towards yourself. Pay attention to your well-being if you do not want to get sick. The Monkey hour is chaotic and impulsive, it is better to take preventive measures. Reduce salt intake to maintain normal blood pressure. Think about the area in which to improve your skills. The Chinese horoscope recalls: one who does nothing cannot achieve anything. If you want more, go through retraining.

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