Tiger Today Chinese Horoscope

Monday, September 26: Traditionally, the Horse day is associated with a frivolous approach to business. Do not expect on Monday to increase revenue and the conclusion of lucrative contracts. Try to let go of the situation: you will definitely achieve success, but a little later. If you lost faith in their own attractiveness, the Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today sees no cause for concern. Energy Yang-Water will give you confidence in their abilities. Live life to the fullest: go on dates, attend parties, accept compliments. Watch your health, do not overcool. The Dragon hour instills confidence in oneself, gives hope for the best. To prevent infectious diseases, use a medicinal decoction of pine buds and needles. Always soberly assess your strength, adhere to the chosen course. The Chinese horoscope recalls: even a good horse cannot be worn with two saddles. Approach affairs wisely, do not take on too much.

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