Tiger Today Chinese Horoscope

Monday, October 25: Now is not the time to tempt fate. The Horse day may give hope for a better future, but too illusive to seriously expect success. Redeem your ambitions, spend Monday in a calm atmosphere — important things will wait. Forget about problems in your personal life. The Chinese horoscope for the Tiger today promises a date and an unrestrained flirt. Yang-Fire element contributes to the bright manifestation of feelings. Despite the fact that the passion is spinning, try to make the right choice. Do not take your diet lightly. The Rat hour is designed for rest and sleep, do not overload the body with heavy food. If your appetite develops, do breathing exercises and your hunger will subside. Always soberly assess your strength, adhere to the chosen course. The Chinese horoscope recalls: even a good horse cannot be worn with two saddles. Approach affairs wisely, do not take on too much.

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