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Dog Month 🐕, October 8 – November 7: In the Chinese horoscope for the month of the Dog, an atmosphere of restraint and slowness reigns. The influence of the fixed Yang-Earth element slows down the pace of life a little. Thinking becomes down to earth, which makes it possible to assess the situation. The month of the Water Dog is characterized by slowness, stability of mood. However, this calmness is deceptive, its powerful force is ready to break out at any moment. Postpone the start of new projects, be careful with money. In the Dog new moon on October 14, attention is focused on material wealth. His energy gently but forcefully sweeps away all obstacles to prosperity. Any practical activity is favorable, incomes will be higher than planned.

Conservative sentiments will be especially strong in early October 2023, when any innovations are perceived with hostility. The horoscope believes that this has its advantages: people are tactful towards each other, the probability of emergency situations is practically excluded. This is a good time to establish business ties and conclude partnership agreements. In the month of the Dog of the year of the Rabbit, the element of Fire intensifies, which increases attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. This can be a trump card in the fight for a new position. To get around rivals, you need to think over the image to the smallest detail. In addition to a confident manner of communication and the ability to correctly express thoughts, one should maintain an impeccable appearance.

The continuation of October does not promise great success in your career, but it will give you a chance to develop your abilities. Old ideas will get an impulse, there will be an opportunity to improve their knowledge. According to the Chinese horoscope in October, you need to be smart and diligent in order to raise your potential to a new level. The format of training can be any: trainings, seminars, courses. Since the element of the month of Yang-Water has a gentle influence, people are full of wisdom. If unforeseen circumstances arise and you have to act with rude methods, this will lead to an imbalance of energies. As a result, panic attacks and persecution mania can develop. It is important to keep yourself in control and not violate the established order.

The thirst for freedom will add unnecessary fuss to the end of the month. Spouses may suddenly become disillusioned with family values, which will make life together unbearable. The eastern horoscope for the month of the Dog advises you to sacrifice your interests for the well-being of your soulmate. If you sincerely strive to establish a dialogue, it will certainly take place. In terms of finances, the situation emerging in early November is very ambiguous. Past transactions, previously made investments will bring good income, but costs may increase. It is important to reconsider your attitude to finances, especially for people born in the year of the Dragon. If you spend money left and right, no income will be enough.

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