Dog Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Dog native, the month of September brings you some career recognition. Your boss may let you know how happy they are with your work. You could gain additional responsibilities or a new person on your team.

The yin fire Rooster month begins on September 6, and over the next four weeks your guardian angel is quite active at this time. You could be taking more risks, such as rock climbing or finally crossing skydiving off of your bucket list. This is a good time to explore the bigger world.

The sixth is the new moon, and it's time to be strategic about your finances. It's good to have a written plan for spending your money, as well as how you're going to achieve your long-term monetary goals through investing or savings. You might meet with a licensed fiduciary or broker.

The full moon is on September 20, and there's an emphasis on land or gardening right now. It's possible you’re harvesting herbs and vegetables from your balcony garden. You also might be in the market to buy land, and you could be joining family members or friends to make a purchase.

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