Dragon Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Horse Month 🐎, June 6 – July 6: According to the Dragon Chinese horoscope in the month of the Horse, family ties are especially important. The support of loved ones will help to stay within the framework, to suppress negative aspirations. The best is the enemy of the good, do not do stupid things in a fit of courage. In love, the month of the Earth Horse does not promise quick victories. Summer heat inflames feelings, pushes for passionate confessions. However, there is something negative that hinders the development of relations. Intrigues and confusing situations are likely. On the Horse new moon on June 18, anxiety will take possession of the heart of the Dragon. The dreary mood is due to the influence of the moon, one feels confused about the future. It is necessary to focus on current problems without looking too far ahead.

Cravings for thrills in early June 2023 can lead to injury or stress. The Dragon horoscope advises to be careful when driving, using technology and playing sports. No less risky can be investments and transactions that promise high profits. Instead of enrichment, you can become a participant in the trial. In the month of the Horse, favorable conditions are created for intellectual and creative activity. The life-affirming energy of the year of the Rabbit encourages growth, helps to show their talents. Out-of-the-ordinary ideas will be highly appreciated by management if they are presented in a commercially attractive form. Promotion is just a matter of time.

The continuation of June will be quite predictable, you can exhale and devote time to yourself. Since there is an opportunity to do something for the soul, you need to use it. The Chinese horoscope of the Dragon for June suggests finding a family hobby that will help create a trusting microclimate. If you get down to business with enthusiasm, everything will work out. Since the function of the element of the month of Yang-Earth is to maintain constancy, you need to follow the sequence of actions. If health is concerned and the previous measures have not worked, the Dragon must find the cause of the problem. Foremost, you should check the stomach, the stable functioning of the body depends on it. It is advisable to exclude fatty foods from the diet.

Friendship will make the end of the month especially sincere. It is difficult to move forward if there is no reliable shoulder nearby. According to the eastern horoscope for the month of the Horse for the Dragon, there is a chance to restore spoiled relationships. Thanks to the support, you will be able to find new ways to realize your potential: not all internal resources have been exhausted yet. In order for the first days of July to be positive, you need to try to get rid of the burden of unnecessary problems. Noble Dragons shouldered an unbearable burden, trying to please everyone around. It is necessary to be able to ask for help and accept it – this does not oblige you to anything. Relations with others will improve, there will be a sense of unity in achieving a common goal.

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