Dragon Monthly Chinese Horoscope

This month, Dragon, allow things to come to you naturally. People are gravitating toward you.

The new moon is on January 2, and you’re flying out of the gate and moving at breakneck speed to get everything done. You are in high demand. Right now, most people can’t seem to get along without consulting you or getting your approval. You generally don’t mind being the center of attention (you actually excel at it), but you will have to schedule a little “me” time so you can process all of the opportunities and changes happening in your work and daily life.

The yin metal Ox month begins on the fifth, and you can settle comfortably into a better position at work over the next four weeks. It’s possible that you’ve received a promotion and have a new list of responsibilities. The higher-ups have given this to exactly the right person. You’ll have tasks delegated and the system streamlined in no time.

January 17 brings the full moon, and, Dragon, a person you’re angry with is more like you than you’d like to admit. Now others are your mirror. You can learn a lot about yourself when you’re examining why an individual seems to irritate you so much.

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