Goat Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Goat Month 🐐, July 7 – August 6: The Goat Chinese horoscope for the month of the Goat does not promise easy victories. Life is not too generous with surprises, there are not as many opportunities as we would like. Therefore, it is necessary to get down to business with a vengeance, creative experiments will be successful. The main conquest of the month of the Fire Goat is blissful doing nothing. Worries and problems recede into the background, all thoughts are only about rest. Life itself confirms the correctness of these intentions, at the right time a profitable tour will turn up. On the Goat new moon on July 28, there may be a deterioration in well-being. Most likely, this is a consequence of the incontinence inherent in the Goat. Excessive eating, addiction to alcohol, emotional unbridledness have a destructive effect on the body.

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