Horse Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rabbit native, the month of October is about your dwelling and family. You might be moving or unpacking from a recent move. Someone may be moving into or out of the house, or you could be helping a relative move into their new place.

The new moon is on October 6, and it's a good time to look at long-term goals. You might realize how quickly the year has gone by, and now there are only a few months left. But if you make a push now, you can get a few big projects checked off your list.

The yin earth Dog month begins on the eighth, and over the next four weeks you have good luck getting help with your business or investment strategies. But you will have to move quickly because the opportunities are fleeting. The dog is likely to wake at any moment to chase the rabbit.

The full moon is on October 20. Your relationships are going well, especially with a special someone. If you've just started dating, you could be taking this relationship to a more intimate level, or you could be introducing your new sweetheart to your friends and family.

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