Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Dog Month 🐕, October 8 – November 7: According to the Monkey Chinese horoscope in the month of the Dog, the time of turmoil has passed. Life enters the usual track, inspiring a sense of stability. The future is seen clearly, actions are calculated several moves ahead, there is no need to be nervous. The wisdom of the Water Dog month lies in the ability to rise above reality. Life is easy and carefree, bonuses and rewards are pouring in from everywhere. Since accidents are not accidental, but natural, this is a reward for previous efforts. The Monkey will have to solve a bunch of pressing issues. The Dog new moon on October 14 stands for friendships, enhances feelings of affection. Those who are familiar with urgent matters, those who are close to their problems require attention, it is necessary to surround them with care.

Emotions in the first half of October 2023 will change with cosmic speed, forcing you to act thoughtlessly. The Monkey horoscope advises striving for stability: no unplanned events and meetings. The main task is to protect yourself from possible losses. If you have to deal with documents, you should study them from cover to cover. In the month of the Dog of the year of the Rabbit, the element of Fire intensifies, which increases attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. This can be a trump card in the fight for a new position. To get around rivals, you need to think over the image to the smallest detail. In addition to a confident manner of communication and the ability to correctly express thoughts, one should maintain an impeccable appearance.

Wits in the second half of October will help you find a way out of a difficult situation. It is possible that you will have to apply to high authorities with a request to resolve a labor dispute. According to the Chinese horoscope of the Monkey for October, legal literacy will help you settle the issue in your favor. If you constantly learn new things, the benefits will be undeniable. Since the nature of the element of the month of Yang-Water is soft and compliant, it will be possible to get out of a difficult situation in the best possible way. Although this is unlikely to surprise the dexterous Monkey, the benefits will be tangible. Rivals will voluntarily retreat into the shadows, debtors will burn with a desire to return the money. While luck has not turned away, it is worth speeding up the conclusion of real estate transactions.

A bright romance will make the end of the month especially memorable. For lonely people, a chance meeting will be a salvation, a faded hope will be reborn with renewed vigor. The eastern horoscope for the month of the Dog for the Monkey advises not to delay marriage. True, family people will have to resist the temptation to have a romantic relationship, otherwise a breakup is inevitable. The life of Monkeys disappointed in love will take a sharp turn: the beginning of October will turn out to be eventful and exciting. However, you should not count on the gifts of fate, you need to take the initiative. Communication on the Internet will help to liberate yourself, the most indecisive people will gain courage and come out of the shadows. It is possible that a new acquaintance will become fate.

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