Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Dragon Month 🐉, April 4 – May 5: According to the Monkey Chinese horoscope in the month of the Dragon, favorable financial prospects open up. Any area related to creativity will be profitable. The main thing is not to leave the case halfway for the sake of an adventure that promises benefits. The month of the Fire Dragon strengthens the strength of the spirit. Life is multifaceted, it can change at any moment, and unpredictably. Here it is important to think in this way: troubles are quickly forgotten, and the experience gained remains forever. For the Monkey, upholding principles can become a fixed idea. The negative influence of the Dragon new moon on April 20 enhances selfish inclinations. A quarrel with one of the closest will develop into a protracted confrontation, if pride is not pacified.

Aesthetic needs in early April 2023 will outweigh all the others: the cultural life will be rich. To quench your thirst for beauty, the Monkey horoscope advises you to draw inspiration from everything that surrounds you. Communication with interesting people, visiting museums and even a banal trip to nature will fill life with unforgettable emotions and impressions. The month of the Dragon focuses on health, any action aimed at strengthening it will be beneficial. Under the influence of the energies of the year of the Rabbit, weight loss will take place in a comfortable mode, without severe restrictions and harm to the body. To eliminate errors, you should contact a nutritionist who will help you make a balanced diet.

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