Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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The month of August brings Monkey natives a focus on your habits. You may be instituting some good routines and keeping track in a bullet journal.

The yang fire Monkey month begins on August 7, and over the next four weeks your focus could be on getting in shape. You may have started biking or hiking or bought a membership to a gym with a pool. All this exercise is making you feel better, and you could be waking up earlier and having more energy throughout the day.

The new moon is on the eighth, and Monkey natives may have an epiphany that reveals a hidden talent. You could discover a family legacy or uncover a connection you have with an ancestor. This could open up a whole world of opportunities for you. It's time to embrace your inner greatness.

The full moon is on August 22, and there's a focus on information. You might be listening to a lot of podcasts or considering putting together one of your own. Or perhaps you’re a guest speaker on someone else's podcast. Somehow your words and ideas are getting out into the world for others to hear.

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