Monkey Monthly Chinese Horoscope

In the month of November, you see a clear direction. Choices are easier this month.

November 4 brings the new moon, and you may feel the guiding hand of your guardian angel quite literally over the next two weeks. As doors open, it’s a sign to go through and accept the opportunity. But when things are difficult and the doors are locked, Monkey, it’s just the universe reaching out to protect you from a bad deal.
vThe yin earth Pig month begins on the seventh, and home and family are on your mind. You may be planning holiday celebrations and getting the house in order. You could be removing clutter, doing light renovations, and adding some new décor. The changes you make are bound to bring compliments.

There is a lunar eclipse on November 19, and eclipses can be challenging. You might be looking at your life and realizing you’re doing the same things over and over, thinking the same things and talking to the same people. Monkey, you’re looking for a change. Making small changes on a daily basis will lead to a different life in a matter of months. Consider getting up earlier to work out or make yourself a healthy breakfast.

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