Ox Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Horse Month 🐎, June 6 – July 6: The Ox Chinese horoscope in the month of the Horse promises a period of tenderness and romance. Compliments, flirting, dates are wonderful moments of life that give inspiration. If you give emotions the necessary impetus, you will be able to give vent to the poetic gift. For communication and personal contacts, the month of the Earth Horse is ambiguous. Negative aspects contribute to nervousness, secrecy. The desire to share private information can turn into trouble. It’s better not to be frank. The desire of the Ox to catch a crane in the sky can turn into a disappointment. The Horse new moon on June 18 will be a harbinger of good changes. However, it is better to strive for achievable goals than to have your head in the clouds. This will avoid unnecessary complications.

Serious upheavals and cataclysms in early June 2023 are unlikely. This is a period of preparation, emotional adjustment to the coming changes, when the future has a blurry outline. An illusion of easy success can be created, which will be deceptive. The Ox horoscope warns against rash decisions, they must be carefully analyzed. The combination of the month of the Horse and the year of the Rabbit fuels selfish ambition, a desire for superiority. Despite the overall benevolent picture, there may be hotbeds of tension. If you rely only on yourself, even an ordinary date will pass with complications, not to mention important negotiations. It is desirable to be in close contact with others.

Family life in the second half of June will find harmony: storms of negative emotions and resentment will subside, harmony will reign in relationships. According to the Chinese horoscope of the Ox, in June there will be an opportunity to improve housing conditions, which will help strengthen the family. Pleasant household chores will distract from experiences, set loved ones on the same wavelength. Calmness in the month of the Yang-Earth element will be the key to good health. If the Ox aims to disrupt the usual order of things, the consequences will be disastrous. Mental throwing can lead to indigestion, which greatly worsens the quality of life. To strengthen the meridian of the stomach, it is useful to conduct acupuncture massage.

The end of the month will be generous with rewards that will compensate for the efforts made. A lot of effort was spent to occupy a certain position. The eastern horoscope for the month of the Horse for the Ox promises a successful completion of training and experimental projects. The results obtained will allow you to apply for a promotion. To improve the financial situation, in the first days of July, you need to draw up a plan of expenses for the month. Probably, the previous calculations were not entirely correct or unexpected expenses were added. In any case, the Oxen will have to rack their brains over how to balance debits with credits. It is better to go to the store with a list, and devote your free time to finding part-time jobs.

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