Pig Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Pig native, the month of October brings you additional resources, including financial opportunities. You could find a great passive income source or learn to invest in some sound securities. Real estate investing is also a possibility.

The new moon is on October 6, and communication is highlighted. You might find a tutor to teach you a foreign language, or perhaps you have decided to do some teaching. You can list yourself on a tutoring website or let friends and family know that you are available if they have kids who need help in school.

The yin earth Dog month begins on the eighth, and over the next four weeks there are more opportunities to be intimate with your sweetheart. It's likely you're closing the bedroom door to shut out the rest of the world no matter if earth Dog is barking at the door.

The full moon is on October 20, and you have an opportunity to make a contribution to your community. You could run for the school board or get a position in the PTA. You might head up a neighborhood beautification group or be in charge of the neighborhood watch. You're helping the world be a better place.

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