Rabbit Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Snake native, the month of July brings a very busy month with very little alone time for you. Toward the end of the month, you could just be looking for an escape. A short vacation would be very welcome.

The yin wood Goat month begins on July 6, and over the next four weeks you could be the victim of your own success. Everyone is offering you compliments about your quick mind and sharp wit, but they’re also bringing you tasks to do. You might need to use some productivity hacks to get everything done.

The new moon is on the ninth, and you could have a new best friend. Perhaps you met somebody and really hit it off, and now you're inseparable. To make this even more fun, this person seems to see all of your good qualities and is quick to be supportive.

The full moon is on July 23, and it would be good to be aware of the sensitivity of your skin. In general, Snake natives have more sensitive skin, and it's possible that you could traipse through poison ivy or sit in the sun too long. You might need a remedy by the end of the day.

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