Rat Monthly Chinese Horoscope

This month, Ox, you are the person in the know. Others come to you for knowledge.

The new moon is on January 2, and people are coming to you to tap your expertise. This might mean you’re teaching a class or excelling in school. You could be preparing for a professional exam or standardized test. You might be taking someone under your wing to show them the ropes. You could be instructing fellow employees or younger relatives.

The yin metal Ox month begins on the fifth, and the next four weeks are a seed-planting time for you. Projects you begin during this time can bring a great harvest for you over the next 12 months. Sometimes you get so focused on daily routines and responsibilities that you don’t give yourself time for personal projects. But even if you take the smallest step forward, you are planting a seed. And the more seeds planted, the bigger the harvest.

January 17 brings the full moon, and, Ox, you have very high standards. Sometimes those standards are not met by others. Now you might decide to stand your ground or stampede out of there, but strong emotions can obscure facts. Don’t rush into an emotional decision at this time.

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