Rat Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Horse Month 🐎, June 6 – July 6: The Rat Chinese horoscope for the month of the Horse foresees an emotionally difficult period. If you do not restrain yourself, the consequences of actions can be the most unpredictable. Moreover, both business reputation and personal life will suffer equally. For communication and personal contacts, the month of the Earth Horse is ambiguous. Negative aspects contribute to nervousness, secrecy. The desire to share private information can turn into trouble. It’s better not to be frank. The real test for the Rat can be the Horse new moon on June 18. It is difficult to predict the outcome of events, serious shocks will affect all spheres of life. It remains only to accept the inevitable changes, trying to minimize the risks and losses.

The beginning of June 2023 will bring a lot of communication and information, which will require the utmost composure. The Rat horoscope does not exclude the occurrence of crisis situations, and they will be of a protracted nature. To avoid this, you should extinguish impulsive reactions, directing thoughts in the right direction. Breathing practices and meditation will help bring balance. The combination of the month of the Horse and the year of the Rabbit fuels selfish ambition, a desire for superiority. Despite the overall benevolent picture, there may be hotbeds of tension. If you rely only on yourself, even an ordinary date will pass with complications, not to mention important negotiations. It is desirable to be in close contact with others.

In terms of love relationships, the second half of June will be eventful and unpredictable. According to the Chinese horoscope of the Rat, single people will get a chance to become happy in June. A sudden meeting will turn life upside down, help get rid of unrequited love. In order for the burden of the past to stop pressing and pulling back, you need to trust fate, starting everything from scratch. Since in the month of the Yang-Earth element, well-being depends on how well digestion works, the Rat must monitor its diet. Preference should be given to dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract with the help of herbal decoctions and massage of acupuncture points.

The end of the month will be marked by the growth of authority in the professional community. It’s time to prove your skills, and at a new place of work. According to the eastern horoscope for the month of the Horse for the Rat, an opportunity opens up to occupy a promising niche. Moreover, there is a trump card in the hands – rich experience and extensive knowledge, you just need to skillfully play it. An entertaining trip made in early July will give the Rats a lot of impressions. Interesting events, beautiful landscapes, rich communication will bring notes of romance and diversity to family life. Couples who are going through hard times will be able to build relationships. Perhaps the candy-bouquet period will last forever.

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