Rat Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rat Month 🐀, December 6 – January 5: The Rat Chinese horoscope for the month of the Rat promises a fast-paced series of events. Try to join this powerful energy flow, inspiring yourself to move forward. Fortune favors those who are able to be ahead of time. The month of the Metal Rat pushes for rigidity and permissiveness. With your thoughtless actions, you can start a chain of irreversible destruction. Before you start implementing plans, decide on a strategy. The main reference point for the Rat will be the inner voice. Sudden doubt, vague anxiety or a bad feeling should alert. Especially brightly intuition manifests itself in the Rat new moon on December 23, when its strength increases many times.

The first half of December 2022 is favorable for bold business initiatives. The Rat horoscope leaves no time for buildup, prompting you to act decisively and assertively. Travel and negotiations will be successful, it will be possible to reach favorable agreements. At first, there may be little difficulties, but gradually positive trends will take over.

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