Rat Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Goat Month 🐐, July 7 – August 6: The Rat Chinese horoscope in the month of the Goat promises good luck in matters of the heart and family relationships. There comes a time of active communication and romantic meetings. A fleeting acquaintance can lead to a wedding, and marital ties will become stronger. The month of the Fire Goat is perfect for vacations. Life seems to be an endless holiday, the craving for rest and entertainment intensifies. In order not to stand out from the general background, try to get out into nature, at least for a while. Under any circumstances, the Rat should not force things. The influence of the Goat new moon on July 28 is manifested in eccentricity, thoughtlessness of actions. In order not to risk your savings and reputation, listen to your intuition.

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