Rooster Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Horse Month 🐎, June 6 – July 6: The Rooster Chinese horoscope in the month of the Horse hints at amorous adventures. Flirting, romantic dates – feelings will prevail over reason. In the heat of a love fever, you can miss something important, but it will be difficult to make up for the losses. In love, the month of the Earth Horse does not promise quick victories. Summer heat inflames feelings, pushes for passionate confessions. However, there is something negative that hinders the development of relations. Intrigues and confusing situations are likely. In career terms, the Horse new moon on June 18 will be a productive period, when professional interests come to the fore. Adhering to the concept of vertical development, Rooster will outperform the strongest rivals in the competitive struggle.

The benevolent atmosphere of the first half of June 2023 is conducive to communication. This is a great time to draw attention to your activities, to conduct promotions. The Rooster horoscope believes: thanks to the increased charm, it will be possible to break any barriers to success. There may be interesting proposals that open up brilliant prospects. The combination of the month of the Horse and the year of the Rabbit fuels selfish ambition, a desire for superiority. Despite the overall benevolent picture, there may be hotbeds of tension. If you rely only on yourself, even an ordinary date will pass with complications, not to mention important negotiations. It is desirable to be in close contact with others.

The continuation of June will be marked by an increase in financial well-being. In addition to the main place of work, there will be additional sources of income. According to the Chinese horoscope of the Rooster in June, it will be profitable to monetize your knowledge and skills. For the purpose of active promotion, you can conduct promotions, webinars and introductory master classes. Since the element of the month of Yang-Earth in the body is represented by the stomach, it is undesirable to break the diet. Indigestion, in addition to physical discomfort, is fraught with the appearance of rashes. To maintain beauty, the Rooster should pamper the skin with steam baths. For the procedure, it is better to use herbal decoction, such as yarrow.

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