Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Tiger native, the month of September brings you an exciting way to get in better shape. You might find a new health routine or exercise plan. You could engage an amazing personal trainer or get yourself some high-tech exercise equipment.

The yin fire Rooster month begins on September 6, and over the next four weeks it's good to check basic security measures. Change old banking passwords, update your antivirus software, and even look at the locks on your house. Tiger, a little bit of prudent checking now can save you many headaches in the future.

The sixth is the new moon, and overflowing emotions could sometimes manifest as leaks in the house or on your property. Watch for leaking toilets or broken sprinkler heads, and regularly check to see if there's any water around the washing machine. You'll be able to do repairs as well as clear out old negative emotions.

The full moon is on September 20, and you have a full schedule right now. You could be working overtime or holding down a job and going to school. It's a good idea to move to a digital calendar that has reminders. This can make you more efficient and clear your mind for more important data.

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