Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Goat Month 🐐, July 7 – August 6: In the Snake Chinese horoscope for the month of the Goat, restrained optimism comes through. Deals, grants, awards, inheritance – the immediate prospect, outlines of future prosperity. In the meantime, gambling and risky activities should be excluded. In the month of the Fire Goat, it is dangerous to start parallel novels. The fire of love is barely smoldering, its brilliance is deceptive. Sudden passion will quickly fade away, promises will not be fulfilled. Do not chase a mirage, it is better to wait for a real feeling. The Snake will have to make a choice on the Goat new moon on July 28, when life will remind you of your mistakes. Since it is impossible to step aside imperceptibly, the accumulated experience should be analyzed. Perhaps there is a clue in the past.

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