Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscope

This month, Tiger, relaxing is the key to finding opportunities. You’re in the flow.

The new moon is on January 2, and after a very busy holiday season, you might need a break. Now that some of the pressure is off, you might be tempted to take the easy route, but suddenly a new opportunity crosses your threshold. This could be an exciting new connection that leads to romance or a great business partnership. The moment you relax, opportunities become apparent.

The yin metal Ox month begins on the fifth, and over the next four weeks, you’ll be finishing up projects that began last year. This could involve writing, education, or the completion of your business plan. It’s especially helpful to review paperwork, shred sensitive documents, and finalize contracts now. Basically, you’re getting into the starting block for the big race ahead. You have one month left before the water Tiger year begins.

January 17 brings the full moon, and, Tiger, a financial decision could be obscured by strong emotions. You might feel you’ve been ripped off or that someone has taken advantage of you, and this could put you on the offensive. Consider the lessons you’ve learned before you jump to conclusions.

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