Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscope

The month of November puts the focus on money with a hint of adventure. You might be teaming up with someone for an exciting collaboration.

November 4 brings the new moon and a potential windfall. Rat, the work you’ve been doing on spec could now bring you a lucrative deal. If you’re in sales, you could see some big commissions coming in. There is also a possible profit from an investment. You could win a raffle or a contest.

The yin earth Pig month begins on the seventh, and you’re working behind the scenes for the next four weeks. You might be finishing up a large project, working on a school term paper, or flitting from person to person helping others. Consider scheduling a little downtime when you can take a breath and an occasional nap.

There is a lunar eclipse on November 19, and it could be challenging. This particular eclipse is throwing a monkey wrench in your intimate relationship. Rat, you and your partner are not seeing eye to eye. There could be issues of trust and truthfulness. But over the next few weeks, you can see how being patient and overcoming difficulties can build a stronger relationship in the future.

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