Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Rat Month 🐀, December 6 – January 5: The Tiger Chinese horoscope for the month of the Rat is cautious in forecasts. It’s time to take stock, and they can be disappointing. Do not give in to despair, if you think carefully, you can draw many useful conclusions. In the month of the Metal Rat, the likelihood of confrontations in all areas of life increases. In many cases there is no clarity, it is difficult to grasp the essence of what is happening. In order not to aggravate the situation, do not rush to conclusions and radical steps. On the Rat new moon on December 23, to his great joy, the Tiger will discover the ability to predict events. Lunar energy activates the work of the subconscious. Thanks to this impact, it will be possible to make accurate predictions about the future.

The first half of December 2022 will pass under the sign of wisdom, understanding of life. The Tiger horoscope advises to focus on the really important things that are the basis of a comfortable existence. It’s time to take care of replenishing internal resources: rest, cosmetic and immune-strengthening procedures – the benefits for the body will be enormous.

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