Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscope

Goat Month ๐Ÿ, July 7 โ€“ August 6: The Tiger Chinese horoscope for the month of the Goat warns against indecision. This opens up a great opportunity to build on the results already achieved. It is not necessary to take action, it is enough to decide on a strategy. The main conquest of the month of the Fire Goat is blissful doing nothing. Worries and problems recede into the background, all thoughts are only about rest. Life itself confirms the correctness of these intentions, at the right time a profitable tour will turn up. Being yourself for the Tiger means recognizing weaknesses and shortcomings, which is a defeatist position. The Goat new moon on July 28 gives a chance to reconcile with the inner world, to know the joy of liberation. Maybe itโ€™s time to stop saber-rattling.

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