Tiger Monthly Chinese Horoscope

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Rat native, the month of August could bring you a potential financial windfall if you're willing to step outside your comfort zone. This could be connected to a new venture and partnership. Watch as someone pushes you toward uncharted territory.

The yang fire Monkey month begins on August 7, and it's likely you'll be working on government paperwork over the next four weeks. It could be time to renew your passport, driver's license, or perhaps get recertified for your profession. There may be a test involved and certainly more paperwork than you’d like. But it's better to get this done rather than procrastinate and miss this important window of time.

The new moon is on the eighth, and Rat native, an attractive person may have stolen your heart. You might not be able to think about anything else but this intriguing individual. You can get a date if you get over your nerves and ask.

The full moon is on August 22, and your day is made when you help somebody else. A local charity or community organization might need your help distributing meals or refurbishing a local park. Spending the day in service to your community can make you feel good.

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