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Saturday, July 31: According to the ideas of the Chinese sages, the Dragon day carries positive energy. Devote Saturday to pleasures, treat yourself to pleasant shopping and delicious food, and most importantly, avoid negative emotions. Now is not the time for suffering and sad thoughts. The Chinese horoscope for tomorrow advises you to be especially attentive to your partner. Under the influence of the elements of Yang-Metal, you can achieve clarity in relationships, but be as delicate as possible. Forgive your loved one for all the mistakes of the past. If there are no contraindications, proceed to lose weight. The Horse hour is favorable for any initiatives, take care of the correction of your figure. Follow a carbohydrate-free diet with an emphasis on plant foods. Do not lose your temper if the child disobeys. The most important thing in upbringing is the parental example, therefore, the Chinese horoscope advises: a large river flows quietly, an intelligent person does not raise his voice.

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