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Tuesday, May 11: According to the Chinese calendar, the Goat day implies a rapid development of events. On Tuesday, any of your extravagant actions will be perceived with understanding. Behave yourself naturally, communicate and have fun — a little whimsy does not hurt. In personal life, the Chinese horoscope for tomorrow does not see any obstacles on the way to your happiness. However, the energy of the Yin-Earth is so soft that it can deprive you of the ability to stand up for yourself. Even if you are completely confident in your partner, try to control his actions. Do not waste your time if you decide to achieve perfect shapes. The Rabbit hour awakens to life, stimulates a positive attitude. Do not be lazy, light aerobic exercise will help maintain the body in good shape. Learn to perceive and benefit from criticism. According to the Chinese horoscope: the one who indicates your shortcomings is not always your enemy; whoever speaks of your virtues is not always your friend.

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