Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Wednesday, May 18: Take time to communicate, do not close in on yourself. The Goat day is good for strengthening friendship and business ties. On Wednesday, you can count on support and understanding, but be prepared to compromise. Polite and attentive to others — your main trump card. In terms of personal relationships, the Chinese horoscope for tomorrow advises you not to get involved in flirting. The influence of the elements of Yin-Metal can make you so irresistible in the eyes of the opposite sex that a crisis in family relationships is possible. Do not overload the body with heavy foods, be careful with tonic drinks. The energy of the Ox hour is too strong and thorough to indulge in weaknesses. A hearty dinner can also trigger insomnia. Learn to perceive and benefit from criticism. According to the Chinese horoscope: the one who indicates your shortcomings is not always your enemy; whoever speaks of your virtues is not always your friend.

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