Dog Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Monday, December 5: According to the Chinese calendar, the Dragon day is associated with bright, interesting events. On Monday, you can embrace a pleasant excitement, a premonition of the coming changes. However, do not trust your feelings: the glitter of the Dragon is often deceptive. In personal life, any surprises are possible. Yang-Water energy will help you cope with any obstacles. The Chinese horoscope for Dog tomorrow promises a passionate and vibrant relationship. Listen to your heart, and you do not have the energy and strength. On the thirteenth lunar day there is an active renewal of cells. The element of Water is associated with the genitourinary system, hair growth depends on the completeness of energy in the kidneys. Herbal treatment will have an effective result. Do not be discouraged if what is happening does not meet your expectations. Take inspiration from those nearby, thanks to them you will succeed. The Chinese horoscope assures: if the family lives in harmony, it will always be lucky.

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