Dog Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

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Thursday, August 5: Tomorrow you are determined only to win: the Rooster day promises success and prosperity in business. On Thursday, you should not lose sight of any little thing, only in this case, you can count on success. Reports, business letters, contracts — all this deserves the closest attention. If you are disappointed in your partner, give him a second chance. The Chinese horoscope for Dog tomorrow does not exclude explanations and proceedings. The soft, flowing energy of the Yin-Wood will help reach a compromise. Be patient, try to keep the relationship. On the twenty-seventh lunar day, the circulatory system is particularly vulnerable. The Wood element is associated with the liver, in its jurisdiction the quantity and quality of blood. To improve blood circulation, practice Kriya Yoga asanas. Continue to grow professionally if you are fully confident in your calling. The Chinese horoscope recalls: the boiler and the scoop. A true professional is distinguished by dedication.

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