Dragon Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, October 3: Expand your horizons, do not be afraid to learn new things. The Horse day protects brave people with unbridled temper. However, everything needs a reasonable measure. On Tuesday, you can start making plans for the future, and it’s never too late to fulfill your desires. In personal life there are some difficulties. The energy of the Yang-Wood can build confidence in you. The Chinese horoscope for the Dragon tomorrow advises you to obey the will of your partner. Become a little softer, try to maintain a relationship. Do not get carried away with tonic drinks, especially in the evening. The Dog hour can lead to increased anxiety, and as a result, sleep disturbances. Ginger tea with honey brings great health benefits. Allow yourself to be yourself, the world will shine with new colors. If you fear unpleasant consequences, analyze the current state of affairs. The Chinese horoscope says: bare feet are not shod — they have nothing to fear.

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