Dragon Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, February 7: Now you better concentrate on your work. The Monkey day does not promise tranquility and regularity. On Tuesday, you must make an important decision for yourself: follow your plans, no matter what. Otherwise, the consequences of this day will be the most deplorable. In private life is worth waiting for improvements. The powerful energy of Yang-Fire will help to overcome difficulties in communication. The Chinese horoscope for the Dragon tomorrow does not exclude romantic relationships. Be all-armed: make a beautiful hairstyle, update your wardrobe. On the 17th lunar day, it is useful to engage in health prevention. The element of Fire is associated with the small intestine, its imbalance leads to the appearance of ulcers in the oral cavity. Use Qigong gymnastics to stimulate energy. Try to alternate working moments with rest, it is impossible to live permanently in emergency mode. The Chinese horoscope consoles: the one who is wet in the rain is not afraid of dew. Do not ruin yourself for the sake of circumstances.

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