Dragon Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Tuesday, May 17: Tomorrow, you probably will not be bored. The power of the Horse day is such that it is difficult to sit in one place. If on Tuesday you suddenly decide to completely change your life, take time to think. Do not be so frivolous about your future. Under the influence of the Yang-Metal element, you can carelessly hurt your half. The Chinese horoscope for Dragon tomorrow predicts a slight deterioration in personal relationships. Do not try to alter your partner, take the first step towards. If there are problems with excess weight, start a diet: on the 17 lunar day, metabolic processes are activated. The element of Metal is associated with the large intestine, use vegetables and greens to replenish energy. Easily part with hypocrites and deceivers. If once faced with betrayal, the situation may recur over time. The Chinese horoscope reminds: a bright person does not do dark things.

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