Horse Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, June 30: Be careful, beware of envious glances. On the Tiger day, you can feel such a surge of strength that you wish to conquer the whole world. Now you are ready for much for the sake of universal adoration, but it is not impossible to exclude the machinations of detractors. Take care of your personal life. The Yang-Wood energy brings goodness and compassion into the world. The Chinese horoscope for the Horse tomorrow advises to direct all forces to strengthen the family union. Abstracted from the outside world, think only about yourself and your loved one. The second lunar day is favorable for starting a diet. The Wood element is responsible for the work of the liver and gall bladder; an excess of high-calorie food can be harmful to the body. Give preference to light dishes. In financial terms, there will be new opportunities for earning. But do not tackle everything, the Chinese horoscope warns: he who knows a lot of crafts will not feed his family. Focus on your experience and knowledge.

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