Monkey Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, November 27: Most likely, you have to go through a lot of interesting events, at least you should not wait for trouble. The positive energy of the Rabbit day promises good luck and luck in all things. On Saturday, you can feel such a surge of strength that you can easily cope with all the difficulties. The Chinese horoscope for Monkey tomorrow does not exclude romantic relationships. The element of the Yin-Earth is soft and supple. Even an old relationship can get a new boost. Unleash your dreams, immerse yourself in romantic dreams. On the 23 lunar day, a high degree of fractures and bruises. Violation of the circulation of the Earth energy leads to weakening of the muscles and a decrease in the elasticity of the ligaments. Give up stress, you can practice Varuna mudra. Sometimes you need to close your eyes to the shortcomings of others. Treat with understanding some features of their character, the Chinese horoscope recalls: when doing the right thing, the big one respects the little one.

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