Ox Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Sunday, October 1: Spend a day in harmony with yourself. The day, under the control of the Dragon sign, does not tolerate conventions and strict rules. On Sunday, you do not have to limit yourself to desires: everything is for the benefit and necessarily for the better. Do not deprive yourself of freedom of choice, live in pleasure. If you are unable to attract the attention of children, the Chinese horoscope for the Ox tomorrow recommends changing the methods of education. The energy of Yang-Water will give you the determination, instilling hope for success. Do not try to impose your will on children, better become their best friend. In the evening, avoid increased stress, under attack the immune system. The Dog hour can exacerbate existing health problems. Practice hardening, do contrast foot baths before bed. Under any circumstances, try not to accumulate resentment in yourself. The Chinese horoscope claims: the perfect person seeks everything in himself, the insignificant in others. Never lose your self-esteem.

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