Ox Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Wednesday, December 1: The day, under the control of the Goat sign, has to frivolous and rash acts. On Wednesday you must be especially patient and restrained. Do not allow emotions to prevail over the mind, keep peace and quiet in your soul — fate is on your side. Do not take to heart other people’s failures, the Chinese horoscope for the Ox for tomorrow warns you against reckless pity. Under the influence of Yin-Water, you are ready to sacrifice everything for the happiness of others. Try to pull yourself together, focus on your personal life. Give up sports or reduce your workout intensity. The Goat hour is not intended for hard work, including on your own body. The static practice of yin yoga requires minimal effort and energy. Use the opportunity to improve your financial situation. However, soberly assess your strengths and abilities, the Chinese horoscope warns: you cannot shove two spoons into one mouth.

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