Pig Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Friday, October 29: Favorable time for advancement and social growth. The day, under the control of the Dog sign, promises the fulfillment of desires. But do not count only on luck. On Friday, you will have to make every effort to secure a prosperous future. In matters of personal character, success is expected. The Yang-Metal element is characterized by perseverance, pragmatism, if you just set yourself a goal — and the world is at your feet. The Chinese horoscope for the pig tomorrow offers to do personal life. Other such a chance may not turn up. Getting started training, increase the load gradually. The Monkey hour is fussy and unpredictable, the risk of injury increases. To maintain health, dynamic and static exercises can be combined. In the most difficult moments of life, do not lose faith in yourself. If the temptation to submit to the will of fate is too great, take the advice of the Chinese horoscope: you can wash away the dirt from your face, you can’t wash away the dirt from your heart.

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