Rabbit Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, June 30: According to the Chinese calendar, the Tiger day promises fulfillment of desires. Most likely, on Thursday luck will smile at you, but do not rush to celebrate the victory. Chances are that others will not like your defiant behavior, be more modest. Personal life will require increased attention. The impact of the elements of the Yang-Wood will help you determine your position. If you are not confident in your feelings, the Chinese horoscope for Rabbit tomorrow offers to limit oneself to friendly relations. The second lunar day is favorable for starting a diet. The Wood element is responsible for the work of the liver and gall bladder; an excess of high-calorie food can be harmful to the body. Give preference to light dishes. Always remember that any difficulties are surmountable. Faced with a powerful rival, follow the advice of the Chinese horoscope: in order to defeat the enemy, do not strive to become stronger than him, but make him weaker than yourself.

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