Rabbit Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Saturday, November 27: Tune in to positive change, pleasant surprises await you. According to the Chinese calendar, the Rabbit day favors travel. Even a short trip will bring a maximum of positive emotions. Do not miss the chance to have fun and to have a good time. Pay attention to your children. The influence of the elements of the Yin-Earth will help you understand the needs of the younger generation. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit tomorrow advises to trust his parental wisdom. Family happiness requires serious work. Do not go in for sports; previous injuries may worsen. The Rooster hour is arrogant and uncompromising; there is a danger of overestimating one’s strengths. To maintain muscle tone, practice the qigong technique. If there is an opportunity to increase your income, think about how relevant this is. There are things more important than money, according to the Chinese horoscope: gold in someone’s heart is much more valuable than gold in someone’s wallet.

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