Rat Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Wednesday, June 29: Traditionally, the Ox day is associated with trade and commercial activities. The environment is favorable for establishing business contacts and making deals. If you expect to improve your financial situation, proceed without delay. The changeable energy of Yin-Water can exacerbate feelings of anxiety and fear. The Chinese horoscope for the Rat tomorrow does not exclude a crisis in personal relationships. Do not hush up your problems, if your family life is far from ideal, start changing it. The first lunar day is not suitable for intense training. The element of Water is associated with the kidneys, with its imbalance, the bones become fragile and thinned. Introduce calcium-rich foods into your diet. If you do not have enough exposure, watch your words. Before criticizing, listen to the advice of the Chinese horoscope: whoever speaks badly of others is not good himself. Think about the consequences.

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