Rooster Tomorrow Chinese Horoscope

Thursday, May 26: According to the Chinese calendar, the Rabbit day is favorable for companionship. On Thursday, you will be able to reach agreement on many issues if you do not insist on your opinion. Now for you in the first place relationships with loved ones, try to understand them. If you are in search of your half, be fully armed. Chinese horoscope for Rooster tomorrow promises a fateful meeting. The energy of the Yin-Earth will give your movements softness and smoothness. Try to like a potential partner. On the twenty-sixth lunar day, therapeutic massage and acupuncture are beneficial. Excess Earth causes cramping, bloating. To replenish energy, massage the active points in the neck. In any situation, the ability to control oneself is useful. A quick-tempered and stubborn character can cause many problems, the Chinese horoscope advises: endure anger and goodbye to the other — the trouble itself will go away.

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